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Big bikes (125cc and up) - $35

Small bikes (<125cc) - $20

*Payment will be taken at the gate and can be made by cash, debit, or credit.


There is no prior sign up for practice, just show up at the gate! You can have your waiver filled out before arriving to make things faster at the gate.


Rider skill level will determine the class you ride. We break our practices down into classes and based on number of riders on the day of. If you aren't sure which class you are, our gate staff will assign you into "C" class to start and if you need to switch during, just see a staff member. If a staff member notices you may be in the wrong class, they may ask you to switch.


Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, positive family atmosphere for all at the track and to respect our neighbours. In order to do this we've set out some rules that need to be followed, those who don't will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

  • You MUST wear all required riding gear while on the track (see below)

  • All riders must perform a sight lap EACH TIME they arrive at the track to familiarize themselves with any track changes, jump faces, etc.

  • Ride with caution in the pit areas and do not exceed first gear

  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises. Riding while under the influence is strictly prohibited

  • One rider per bike

  • Under no circumstances are bikes to be ridden anywhere outside of the GMX grounds

  • Pay attention to the flaggers/officials and know/obey the flags

  • Enter and exit the track only at designated areas

  • Watch for slower riders and pass them carefully

  • If a faster rider is passing you, hold your line and do not zig-zag across the track

  • Do not ride beyond your capabilities

  • All garbage is to be taken home with you, leave nothing but bike tracks

  • Respect our volunteers, they are who make the track possible

  • Respect other riders

  • The track is only available during scheduled ride days and times. Anyone caught riding/trespassing outside of these days/times will have the police called and will be banned from riding at the track

Our list of required riding gear for open practice is as follows:

  • Full face helmet, no open faces. Must have chin strap and be proper fitting, in good condition, and fastened properly

  • Goggles/shatterproof face shield

  • Motocross jersey (long sleeve shirt acceptable)

  • Motocross pants (jeans or other durable material acceptable)

  • Motocross boots (or other specifically designed and constructed for leg and foot protection)

Although not required, we also highly recommend:

  • Chest protector

  • Gloves

  • Neck brace

  • Knee braces/protection

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