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  • Do you have training sessions/ride clinics?
    This year we hosted our first rider clinic and it was a huge succes! We hope to run more in the future so stay tuned to our social pages. If you are interested in becoming a better/safer rider you can also reach out to DJ Burmey (Burmey Training on Instagram) or Matthew Stokes (Stokes Training on Instagram).
  • Do you have different/alternate ride days for slower/newer riders?
    Nope. However our practice days are split up into different classes so you will be riding with folks that are of similar capabilities/speed as yourself. See our Rider Info page for more information on how the practice sessions are set up.
  • What gear do I all need to come ride?
    We have a complete list of the required gear on our Rider Info page.
  • Are you hosting practice this week?
    Our aim is to host practice every week throughout the riding season, keep tabs on our social media pages/website for up to date information on whether we are having practice or not.
  • Who takes pictures at the practices/races?
    We have multiple photographers/videographers that come and shoot during practices/races, some of them do post their work on social media for you to use for free and others have the option for you to buy their photos/videos. GMX does not have any official paid photographers/videographers.
  • Can I ride the track anytime?
    Unfortunately, due to our agreement for the use of the land we are not allowed to have riders show up at any time. Riders are only permitted on designated practice/race days. Please do not try to ride outside of these days/times. Our neighbours will call the police if they hear/see anyone on the GMX grounds that is not authorized.
  • Is the track safe for beginners/younger riders?
    Yes! Everything at the track is able to be rolled. There are a lot of table tops/step ups that are great and safe for beginners. We always require you do a sight lap when you arrive prior to hitting any of the jumps. We are also building a small bike track that will be great for your kiddos to rip around on their 85s and 110s.
  • Are quads allowed on the track?
    We currently do not allow quads on the track for safety reasons.
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